by Mills

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MatTheBat it reminds me of the debut album of britney spears Favorite track: Messy.
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1st Mills EP
5 tracks
recorded, mixed & mastered @ Studio Phantom by Nikhertz


released April 20, 2015

Philippe DALY: vox/guitar
Anthony CHEFDEVILLE: lead guitar
Olivier SOLERE: bass
Frédéric RONDONNET: drums



all rights reserved



Clearly influenced by the 90’s alternative rock sound as the noisy energy of Sonic Youth or the stunning musical compositions of the Pixies Mills has fun messing with themes like « manipulation », « uniformity », « reality »… But beware !!! Mills is as moody as twisted marionettes ! ... more

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Track Name: Marionette
Somewhat shy
Something in your smile
Anywhere it beams
Baby, Evil cries

Somehow moody
Something in your guise
No matter how you move
Baby that's a lie

Something's growing
Bringing you to life
You were born inside my head
Now standing in front of my eyes

Not so mute
Trying to pantomime
You do think they are yours
But these words are mine


Something new
Something in your sighs
Something good
Something in my mind

Nice flesh puppet with opinions
Or stay laid down
Darling pick a side
Track Name: Soap
Left you to wallow in your filth
Right where I found you
It was way back, good old times

So sickened by this old town
That kept enticing you

That even greater thing
Sucking up your soul
You suck your thumb
In your better times
And I am meant to harass you

But leaving you to your fate

I let you walk, let you drown
I tried really hard not to
Bear it all

You just start, then you stop
Performing in your own soap
Now the world is closing in
On us bursting our bubble

Turning every lights off
Says your existence is a flaw
A fake painted window
With no real bars

In the arms of the shade
You like the sting, you like the scar

Your will becomes your chains
You keep your head down

Easy listening, heavy lifting, hard beating that’s all
Don’t believe in anything you could see

You could try
A firm grip on your trip
And stop waving me good ‘bye

To veil yourself with control is fiction
You miss the universal misunderstanding

I gain the innate sense of timing
You do know how to spoil it all
I’m tired of breaking down your door

Tired of breaking down your door

I’m tired of…I’m tired of … I’m tired of… I’m gonna…whahaha
Track Name: Carnival
Wanna cross the line
Pull me inside out
You like to play
You find the way to reach and tease my funniest side
Would you bury, my dear, my darkest one

You tried to shake the idea that I belong to you
Well, tonight my playground is changing because of you

All your various personae
Burst colorful and loud
Revealing your changing sides
Kill my boredom before it gets way too close

Pause, I took a dose of you and froze
Warmed by a touch that had found its way

Try to cross the line
And turn me to your side
You like to seduce
And mystify

You change your face, your skin, your voice
Chameleon with a hard and soft tongue

Show me how you could be all the ones I could have loved
Masquerade, festival, role playing, carnival

All those different personae
Grow delightful and shine
Through this blindfold of mine
Thawed by a touch that has found its way

Pause, I took your dose and froze
Warmed up by a touch that had found its way

You wanna, you wanna cross the line
Reach out and hurt my pride
Pull me inside out

You like to play, you find the way
To rouse my funniest face
To be my lightest side
Seduce and mystify
Jokers, circus and carnival

You change your skin, your voice
Leave me no other choice
Kill my boredom before it gets
Too real
Too late, I’m done with waiting

Pause, I took your dose as I froze
Warmed up by a touch that had found its way
And all your various personae
Burst colorful and loud
Reveal another side to me
Don’t you fool me now

Will you stay here in this world
Please release me when I’m lazy
Be my guide in this carnival
I will follow you as soon as I find you
Track Name: Loop
Got carried away
You go astray
You don’t know what to do
What should you
Why would you
Wait ‘till it’s too late

Trying to debate
You know how to use
How to fool
And confuse
Playing with your image

In the hot seat
Millions of pairs of ears and eyes
For you
Behind a ghost screen
Millions of mouths, a brainless hive
Waiting to swallow your lies

You’re deaf…
Track Name: Messy
Blank page for screaming ink
Eager to speak
With no proper idea to share
But still you feel
Like you’re staring at the sun
Like you really don’t care
About its burning tongue licking
Your cold dead pen

In time I’ll find the right shape
In time I’ll find the right shape
This time, the flow…

Old “Brighten the corners” in my reach
Other sounds in the blind spot
But the mess is still there
Wisdom in the gesture and in the eye
Dusting off some whispers
Willing to cry out
In time I will take shape
In time I’ll be ready to share

And if worse comes to worst
Or better to best
I’ll declare
That more than this living disorder in my place
And in my mouth
I miss everyone
More than the mess we live in
So be prepared to let yourself go

You’ve got to be ready anytime